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Some Screenshots of ‘Thievish Rain’ - Bachelor Project of Thomas Hans and myself!

The story: A couple of boar-dwarfs follow their usual occupations in their little house when a strange explosion freezes absolutely everything.
One of the responsible will take advantage of the
situation of the poor dwarfs.

This short movie was created by Thomas Hans and myself @ Haute École Albert Jacquard in Belgium.

We hope you enjoy! :)

3D printed objects i made in Cobalt Chrome during my internship at FAO Prod in Brussels. :)
Environment - Forgotten Woods
Babs Modeling  Work in Progress for ‘Thievish Rain’
Modeling of one of the characters from Thievish Rain - Work in ProgressAngus the Boar-Dwarf
Painting (1 hour work)  - a Character Design for our Shortfilm! This is Angus, one of the victims… To be continued…